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Comments or Concerns? Plot ideas? Feel free to post them here~

Interactions I'm dying to have~

Right now I'm playing young, BC Rufus, from right as the game starts. That doesn't mean I'll play him from that point in canon forever, but for now with that in mind I certainly have some interactions I'm really looking forward to seeing <333

Kadaj (Don't even get me started here~ Really looking forward to playing with you, Ash!)

Tseng (From any point in the Compliation -- Pairing or no Pairing, but I do happen to have an anon kink fic that I'd love to hold as headcanon if I found a Tseng willing to play along.)

Director Lazard (Not that I believe Rufus knows that you're related, heheh -- Pairing or no Pairing, but believe me, Rufus will have his narcissism button pushed~)

Reno (Gotta love the sheltered rich boy and street urchin juxtaposition -- Pairing or no Pairing, but I really do like where things tend to lead when they're hot for one another.)

Axel (If they'd be willing to work toward setting something up where Rufus sees him as a Turk, but I bet more than one of these players is sick and tired of constantly being compared to Reno. I'd try really hard not to do that, but I can see where it could still be too annoying. <3 )

Cloud (Because any interaction between these two is willing to be horribly messed up and I'd take glee just in seeing where it leads.)

Reeve (I'd love to play a post AC Rufus against a post AC Reeve, considering the WRO and all. Unfortunately, I have yet to make it all the way through the DoC script, so that's probably going to have to wait a while.)

And many more, but none of them are coming to mind as I'm typing~ Just because your character isn't on this list doesn't mean I'm not excited to RP with them! This is just a list of the people I thought I should put my stances on :D

Comment here or send me a message if any of you want to do anything and I'll make it happen ^^